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The vistas of forested hills and peaceful lakes found in Missouri say more about the grandeur of the U.S. than any hymn to God and country. Beyond the mountains are more landscapes cut from an all-American picture book: the great brown Mississippi rolling along the state's eastern boundary. And with its sites related to several beloved and/or infamous figures from the nation's past—Mark Twain, Harry S. Truman, Jesse James—Missouri has a knack for making a vacation into a heartland pilgrimage.

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Branson has grown into one of the world’s most visited vacation destinations. The area's popularity as an outdoor recreation area catapulted the city into a tourist mecca because of its live-entertainment shows and other family-oriented activities from go-carts to miniature golf. In fact, Branson is known as "The Live Music Show Capital of the World" featuring over 30 theaters. Located in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, Branson holds claim to three mountain fed lakes surrounded by millions of acres of unspoiled mountain wilderness to explore.


You’ll never go hungry in the Ozarks. With everything from fast food to fine dining overlooking the lakes, Branson is full of variety. Perhaps the best known food here is barbecue. For the more refined, affordable local wines are also plentiful in Missouri. Plus, during the harvest (late summer and early autumn), roadside stands spring up to sell fresh non-alcoholic grape juices, homemade jellies and jams and apple butter.


Among the things to buy in Branson are handcrafts made by Ozarks artisans from the south. With three outlet malls, you’re sure to find a bargain. Branson also has a number of western outfitters that offer high-quality jeans, boots, leather belts and cowboy hats. And for the bargain hunter, outlet malls dot the landscape of Branson, offering deep discounts on everything from clothes and shoes to dishes and books.


Don't be surprised if you hear the state's name pronounced two different ways—even by natives. Some people pronounce the last syllable of Missouri like the letter e. Others pronounce the last syllable as uh. Either pronunciation is considered acceptable.

Traffic tends to be heavy during inclement weather, peak travel season and holidays. Be sure to allow plenty of time to arrive at scheduled locations.


May-October is the best time to see the state. May and June temperatures run 53-84 F/11-28 C, but be prepared for occasional heavy rain. July temperatures can go up into the 90s F/32+ C, with uncomfortable humidity (52%-86%), though humidity levels tend to be highest in the early, cooler part of the day. Fall is usually a few degrees warmer than spring, and the weather is more settled. A sweater or jacket might be useful at either time. Winter weather, though cold, is rarely severe. It is unpredictable, however, and winter driving in the hills can be hazardous. January temperatures range from 19 to 44 F/-7 to 6 C.


The state's two largest airports are St. Louis-Lambert International Airport (STL), which is 10 mi/16 km northwest of downtown, and Kansas City International Airport (MCI), which is 15 mi/24 km northwest of the central city (across the border in Kansas). A car is necessary to get to Branson—major car-rental companies maintain branches at both airports.


You’ll want to rent a car or drive your own to reach the hot spots in and around Branson.


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